Asean Make ULT (Ultra low temperature) Freezer is the most versatile and reliable Freezer which is designed to maintain a constant temperature. Our ULT freezers employ the cascade refrigeration (CR) system with Microprocessor based temperature control along with Dual Digital display with Set and Actual Internal Temperature. Adjustable temperature range from -40˚C to -80˚C with an increment of 1˚C. High efficiency insulation plus cabinet and door-mounted gaskets contribute to energy-efficient performance .Two types of Variants are available in the ULT Freezer they are Upright Freezer (Vertical Type) and Chest Freezer (Horizontal Type).

Asean Make freezers are designed for storage of biological materials, blood banks, hospitals, epidemic prevention services, research institutes, and biotech storage applications etc where long-term sample preservation at precise temperatures is essential. We provide Customizable extended warranties and preventive maintenance plans.


Temperature Range: Adjustable temperature range from -40˚C to -80˚C with an increment of 1˚C.

Construction: Double wall, outer with M.S 18 swg (7 cycle process powder coat) & Inner tank with Stainless Steel (304/316).

Control: Microprocessor based controller with LED Display with Temperature Indicator cum Controller, with   dual display of set Value and Process value for precise control of temperature & along with Mini micro based control in-built to maintain cascade temperature and safe guard low stage compressor

Refrigeration: Specially designed Cascade system with hermetically sealed Imported Embraco /Danfoss compressors (Dual Compressor)

Condenser: Specially designed Condenser with motor made of Ebm-nadi with 28°/34° angle fan blade

Refrigerant: CFC Free (Eco Friendly)

Insulation: 150 mm PUF to minimize temperature loss with10kg/m3 density

Main Door: Main Door with durable Double magnetic rubber gasket and sealed with PPCP material

Freeze Trays: Adjustable type with 3/4 Nos (Applicable for Vertical Freezer Only)

Freezer Sub Door: Independent compartments doors made of Stainless Steel to minimize temperature loss while door opening.

Fuse: Equipped with slow blow fuse for compressor protection

Caster: Smooth moving ball bearing type Castor wheels for moving entire equipment

Door Latch: Provided with latch and Safety lock to prevent unauthorized access.

Door Handle: Door handle provided for easy opening and elegant look

Door heater:  Provided to avoid vacuum lock inside the chamber (refrigeration system).

Alarm:1)  Audio-visual alarm for high/low temperature.

2) Power Failure Alarm

3) Door Ajar Alarm

Air Filter: Front-mounted to be easily accessed by 1/4 turn screws.

Power: Works on 230 V AC single Phase 50Hz

Optional Accessories: At Extra Cost.

1)Touch Screen Controller :Controller with the software built in on front door of the cabinet, which show multiple necessary components(such as compressors, voltage, sensor temperature both cabinet and ambient etc., to help and quickly identify the cause of  a fault or set temp variance, easily accessed through the front panel..


3)In Built Thermal Printer

4)Chart Recorder

5)Data Logger with In Built storing System to Record the Data at required interval for printing or send to PC for maintaining data records.

6)Data Logger With 21CFR Part 11 Compliance

7) Racks for Freezer

8)RS-485 port

9)SMS Alert

10) Door Access System